Our Sustainability and Ethical Production Journey


We may only be a small brand for now, however we want to do everything right from the start and being kind to mother earth is something we keep at the forefront of our daily decision making. Sustainability and producing ethically is really important to us.

Our shipping satchels are 100% home compostable and may take up to 120 days to breakdown. They have a double adhesive strip so you may be able to re use the bag if you wish to return your purchase. You can apply you own shipping label or write directly on the mailer!

We do not like waste and this is why our packaging is very minimalist. No fancy wrapping here, we appreciate your support so very much but we would rather spend the money from the sales on donating to charities supporting families. Plus, it’s better for the planet!

We only choose sustainable fabrics such as our beautiful organic cotton and cotton/linen blends. These fabrics are grown without pesticides and synthetic fertilizers and processed with no chemicals.

Ethical Production Journey

As a fashion label, we always try to minimise any negative impact we make on society or the environment. 

We are so lucky to have found a wonderful manufacturer in Bali, who currently produces for us in small quantities, all pieces are handmade by beautifully talented Balinese people. 

The workers get paid fairly, are being treated with care, kindness and respect, have access to safe and equal working conditions & are also helped with housing when needed. 

Making a positive impact to the wider community is forever one of our biggest goal and this is why we are regularly donating some of our profits to various charities to assist families in need, post loss or in a difficult situation.