From Zailie is about celebrating women’s strength, power and beauty. Each feminine style has been designed to suit every body, embrace the journey to motherhood and keep breastfeeding in mind.

Our brand remains kind to our beautiful planet as we only choose sustainable fabrics and work with a manufacture who produces ethically.

About Our Founder, Estelle

Founded in 2022 in Queensland by Estelle, the French mama of four wild souls, From Zailie was born in honour of Zailie, Estelle's precious twin daughter, who was returned to the stars at 31 weeks gestation on the 12th of May 2022. In the heart of FZ lives the mission of bringing Zailie's story to life, reminding women of their power and femininity with ethically made, effortless designs. 

As you wear the brand, know that each piece of clothing has been created with so much love and passion and with the greatest of purpose. The love for my baby girl, from me to you. From Zailie is about celebrating women’s strength, power and beauty. Each feminine style has been exclusively designed to include every body, in small quantities and keeping in mind the journey to motherhood and breastfeeding. Our pieces have been made with so much love and are a direct hug from us.

We are not only a label, we are a community; we support families though any kind of loss; Stillbirth, infant and child loss, miscarriage, loss of yourself post partum, child illness, infertility, IVF journey, post natal depression etc. by donating a share of our profit to various charities.

This is why each purchase is so very important to us, this is our way to make a difference, together, as a community. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here. It is going to be an amazing journey!

Ethically Made

We aim to always find ways to be sustainable and kind to mother earth. From our fabrics, manufacture, printables to our composable shipping bags.

We work with a manufacture where employees are paid fairly and equally, helped with housing and have access to great working conditions.

our story

From Zailie is a slow fashion label with a collection of timeless pieces, designed by myself, Estelle. We are so excited to bring only the highest quality garments. Each style is thoughtfully dreamed up in collaboration with other wonderful creatives, with echoes of the sea and Mediterranean vibes.

I truly hope you will feel special wearing your pieces, just like you, they are so very unique.

All my love, Estelle x 

Zailie's Charities

Behind our brand is a bigger mission. It is important for us here at From Zailie to give back to the wider community and help other families who may have gone through a loss. 

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