Mama Muses

Meet our incredible team of Mama Muses and Ambassadors helping From Zailie look oh-so-beautiful online.  

When choosing our Muses, we knew we wanted women who believe in the power of the feminine, who understand the pain of losing and finding themselves after motherhood, or who have experienced some type of loss.

Here at FZ we want to remind women they are strong, and that together, we are even stronger.

We believe women need to celebrate and love their bodies exactly as they are. And that's why our Ambassadors are from all sizes and shapes, and they are beautiful!

From Zailie is for every body.

Meet Ellie

 Ellie is a Brisbane-based mum of two beautiful boys, Oakley and August! She loves to spend her spare time at the beach with her boys or searching for cute cafes with her hubby! CUTE! Ellie stands for the same values we do here at FZ and believes in bringing awareness to the topics we made our mission to bring to light.

In her words:

"Being somebody who has/is suffering from PND, I am so excited to be a part of a team who aims to bring awareness to topics such as this! I'm also incredibly passionate about brands catering to all shapes/sizes and can't wait to showcase some beautiful pieces! I'm honoured to join the 'from Zailie' team. The community Estelle has built in honour of her beautiful girl, Zailie, is just magical."

Awww, Thank you, Ellie. We are so proud of the community we are building and glad you are part of it.

Ellie's Socials - @elliepritchard


Meet Shae

Shae is a mama of two little babes, Kingston (2) and Gigi (10 months), residing on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, QLD. Being a plus-size model (look at that gorgeous woman!) Size inclusivity is EVERYTHING to her. 

We loved when Shae accepted to become one of our Mama Muses because she isn't just stunning and understands our mission. In her words, 

"There are not enough words to explain how much it means to me to jump on board with From Zailie. This brand is so much for than just a brand. As a mother who has experienced loss, trauma, significant body changes, baby blues and everything in between, I find it so important to be a part of a community of women who help raise each other not only in the good but also in the tough times. To resonate with a brand and its beliefs and fit the clothing is an absolute game changer for me and one I cannot wait to be a part of. "

Thank you, Shae. We are the ones lucky to have you!

Shae's Socials - @shaeswasbrookmurray


Meet Cait

Caitlin is a gorgeous mum, living on the stunning Sunshine Coast! She loves everything about the Queensland beach lifestyle, and that's where you will find her most of the time. Her Instagram is filled with yummy summer days, not jelous at all.

"I am so thankful to be chosen to work with your brand and honour your beautiful daughter Zailie."

We are lucky to have you, lovely.

Cait's socials - @caitdare