From Zailie's Charities

A portion of your purchases will regularly be donated to the below charities to hopefully extend a warm hug, From Zailie. 
A portion of your purchases will regularly be donated to the below charities to hopefully extend a warm hug, From Zailie. 

Behind our brand is a bigger mission. It is important for us here at From Zailie to give back to the wider community and help other families in need, who may have gone through a loss. 

When we lost our beautiful twin, Zailie, at the Mater Hospital in Brisbane on the 12th of May 2022, we were given an overwhelming amount of support not only by medical staff members and the bereavement team, but also by charities and non for profit businesses. 

We were offered memory boxes with so many keepsakes, a free photographer to capture moments to forever cherish with Zailie and also Thais, hand and feet castings, a bear of hope cuddle cot to hold our girl a little longer and spend more time with her etc. 

We are aware that not all families are faced with the same opportunities and this is why some of our profits will be regularly donated to various charities to hopefully extend a warm hug, From Zailie. 

We are always eager to hear about other charities and start donating to more so please email us to give us suggestions

Estelle x

Precious Wings is passionate about helping families who are faced with the devastating loss of their child. They supply Memory Boxes to hospitals in Brisbane and the Gold Coast and these are given to families who lose a baby, of any gestation, and to families who lose a child up to the age of 16, regardless of cause of death. They also supply miscarriage memory bags to early pregnancy units and emergency departments and provide free education sessions to hospital staff about caring for bereaved families. They have also recently started donating memory boxes to families where an adult is dying or has died, especially if there are children involved. They work with palliative care services in the hospital and the community and donate memory boxes to funeral homes and directly to families.


Heartfelt is a volunteer organisation of professional photographers dedicated to giving the gift of photographic memories to families who have experienced stillbirth or have children with serious or life threatening illness. 

Heartfelt is dedicated to providing this gift in a caring and compassionate manner, with all services free of charge.


Many families experience the loss of their baby in Australia each year. It is an incredibly heartbreaking and traumatic time - a time when support is crucial.

 A cuddle cot is an invaluable support resource for bereaved parents. It is a cooling system that has been designed to fit within a small cot and lies beneath their baby. It enables families to say hello and keep them close as they shower them with love and create those special memories they will cherish forever. Spending as much uninterrupted time as they need without the worry or distress to keep handing their baby back to hospital staff, is a gift for families before saying their final goodbye.

Each day in Australia, six babies are stillborn and a further three babies die before their first birthday. These figures do not include the precious babies who are stillborn before 20 weeks gestation. All of these families should have access to a cuddle cot.